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Our Services

Custom Build

We offer services to all areas of Melbourne. The variety of custom builds ranged from knockdown/rebuild project, to custom extensions, multiple occupancy redevelopmen, and luxurious home constructions as well. We offer a certain level of flexibility where clients have the options to appoint only the construction works to us or let us handle the proejct from concept to finish.

Multi-Unit Development

We build high-quality units using the best tools, branded raw materials of optimal qualities, and using the latest techniques. This ensures that our project is not only completed on time, thus keeping the budget in control, but they are qualitatively supreme and aesthetically rich. It gives the occupants a taste of the finest and healthiest living, with all the very basic amenities that modern life has to offer.

Renovations & Extentions

We excels in all types of renovations, including specialiased extensions and restorations for heiratage homes. No job is too small, we do little fixes, as well as big overhauls. May it be a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, home extension or an open plan living area modernisation. We can help tackling your needs. Likewise, we can leave your project to us from concept to compleation, or we can focus just on the build to implement your solution.

Project Management

Organisational and budgeting skills are what we could offer in managing your project. We could lead your project in their various stages from conception through to completion, manage factors like integration, scope, timelines, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement in each of its cycle.

0402 502 867
Melbourne and surrounding suburbs